• North > South and All Points In Between - Winter Tour 2014

    We love love love this tour.  Well, we love all of our tours, but this one is so beautifully routed starting in the Northern Middle West, covering many of our hometowns including our band's Sweet Home, Chicago, and working Southbound shedding the cold from there.  Wrapping up most recent tours with a zig-zagging Florida swing, we've found an optimal travel destination from Florida in Jamaica and are looking most forward to capping the tour there for the second year.  Providing you all new scenes and adventures in which to enjoy the music that rocks our souls is our main motivating factor and we're so beyond grateful to each and every one of you for helping us keep this alive.  We obviously hope to see you in Jamaica at Jam in the Sand II (only a small handful of oceanfront suites remain! Seriously people, grab one ASAP!), in Ohio over Memorial Day for the Dark Star Jubilee and every other night we saddle up and ride.  Oh, and our merch isn't bad either ;)


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