• Happy Anniversary, Dark Star Orchestra!

    Sixteen years.  Sixteen full years of honoring a musical tradition that continues to surprise and inspire. For those keeping track, that's 2258 shows.  I could spend the rest of the evening waxing sentimental all strands of Dark Star Orchestra fabric but I'll spare it.  I will however offer great thanks to all who have made this music a passion of life-devotion because anyone who has worked what averages out to be 141.125 shows PER YEAR for at least one year knows without love, it is possible, but souless - something we all know not to be the case.  So thanks again for sharing all the love with us, uplifting our souls and truckin' on.

    (Also, thanks for not photobombing this photo, Dino)

    There were small crowds ;)

    And super huge ones

    Thanks for a real good time!


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